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Thommen Ride 125 windsurf board Thommen

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Windsurf Thommen Ride board 125 liters. 252 x 72.

The Ride comes in two constructions:

STD – standard – Cobra’s proven epoxy/glass/wood construction with extra glass band reinforcements where you need it.

LTD – limited – Cobra’s near custom made sandwich construction, incredible nice weight/stiffness ration for enhanced performance.

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Thommen Sailboards

Production boards made by Cobra.

After several years of focusing strictly on building custom boards, Peter Thommen and Mark Thoms developed a board that stole the hearts of many windsurfers. It instantly became our bestseller.

Soon we found it was hard to keep up with demand. We realized it was time to allow more people into the magic world of the “Gleitwunder”, our gliding miracle, and take it to the world’s foremost board manufacturer Cobra in Thailand.

 Together with the now more internationally named “Glide”, the magicians at Cobra will also fabricate our other favorite, the 125-liter “Ride”.


Back to the future. There’s again a board capable of handling all conditions. Like for the Glide, Peter went back to the Bullet and Sunset years and used a stretched rocker line, the vee-to-quad-to-tri-concave for early planing and combined it with a little tail kick, thinner rails and wingers for control in stronger wind. It can haul big sails yet offers plenty of control when small sails are needed.

Reminiscent of the Glide, its bigger sibling, the Ride has no power hump to overcome, the ‘extra’ length helps you ease into the planing phase without helping – just sheet in and go.

Just like the world-famous Swiss Army Knife, the Ride from the hands of Swiss shaper Peter Thommen works on any water and any wind condition. The Ride is very much inspired by mythical boards like the Sailboard 295A and HiFly 295 Pro, incredible funboards from times the sport was still accessible to all levels. 

Equipped with a 30cm Powerbox and 2 side fins of 12cm with a slotbox10 fixation, it keeps all options open for a personal set up which makes it also ideal for shallow and coastal waters.

The 10” mast box allows the use of a wide range of sail sizes. We recommend a maximum of 7.0 down to 4.0, with the sweet spot being around 5.5m2. Now, how’s that for range?

Each Ride comes with a complementary tailored boardbag, the most sustainable packaging we could think of – and we’re convinced you’ll love the slots for the grab handle and fins.

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