You can return all items without giving reasons within 15 days after receiving the goods. To ensure speedy processing of your return we ask that you consider the following steps:

  • In your order include a return form. You must fill it out completely and legibly, trim and attach to the package. We want to tell you that if the return form is not properly completed or can not read clearly will be a delay in processing. Please also note that we do not store the data bank. It is therefore necessary that you indicate the data from your bank account and the IBAN and BIC, in the form of return.
  • Give us back the merchandise in original packing. Use another box for the original manufacturer's packaging is not damaged.
  • Crosses the package properly. In case of a return without sufficient postage we reserve the right to deduct the difference from the amount owed.
  • Deliver the package in a branch post office and request a voucher.
  • The processing of the refund may take up to 2 weeks from the date we received your package. As a general rule, refund is carried out within 7 business days.


The user can return the product received without indicating any reason within 15 days. These return instructions will be transmitted back to the user in writing after completion of processing your order.

Solely for products that are difficult packaging (eg bulky goods) can be refund by written request redelivery.

To meet the repayment period is sufficient to forward the product or request redelivery within the deadline. In any case Sailboardstarifa.com (WINDSURES, SL) assumes charges and risk of transhipment. The return or request for refund should be sent to:

c / Jimena de la Frontera, No 322
P.I. The Vega
C.I.F. B-11792744
Tel: 00 34 - 956 68 11 88


In case of an operation must be guaranteed reshipment back services obtained by both parties and returned in case of benefit (eg advantages of use). In the event of a deterioration of the article may require replacement of the item's value. This is not valid if the deterioration of the item is due solely to their examination, as had been customary in the store. You can also avoid any obligation on a replacement value of the item if not using it like owner and avoid any action that could reduce the value of such article. The repayment obligation will be executed within 30 days. This period begins for the buyer to ship the product or request redelivery and WINDSURES, SL. with the receipt.


sailboardstarifa.com reserves the right to refuse returns communicated or sent after the deadline, or clothes that are not in the same condition they were received.

sailboardstarifa.com is not selling in countries where you have to go through customs clearance, for more information, please contact us.