SAILBOARDS TARIFA, founded in the fall of 1994 was the start of a dream that come true. Our origins started in the garage of a friend doing our first windsurfing boards in Valencia and Denia. Subscribing to foreign magazines of windsurfing since age 15, hallucinating with material from that period and especially with the custom boards, as there were no boards covering the needs of the more experienced riders. This motivation makes us move to Tarifa, European capital of wind and windsurfing in those unforgettable years. Working for legendarys as No Work Team, Hot Stick workshops and mainly for Cocktails (Wolle Weber), former shaper of Fanatic, they mark our bases for undertaking this project called SBT (Sailboards Tarifa). Runners of all nationalities have been windsurfing with our boards and winning championships and enjoying them throughout the years. Create superior and personalized customboards was and is our goal, and first and foremost looking for the best quality materials and durability. This was and is our goal.

We don't make boards to be one of the rest. Our boards are exactly as we want them to be. We do not let us influence by typical marketing campaigns of production factory's , seem forced to renew boards every year, justifying some kind of change that often boils down to a colorful design and little else. 

This, coupled with the use of materials and constructions that leave much to be desired, make many productionboards give a result increasingly worse and this we can attest in our repair shop every day. And it is something that is unexplainable to us, comparing  there prices that have those boards today.

Our boards are proven and tested by different riders and only when they are satisfed then we build them for the public. Nor do we have an absurdly extensive range of boards with different and twisted programs , all they do is mislead the final consumer. Our designs and shapes evolve naturally. We have boards of 20 years ago still in action, with shapes that work really well because they have never been shapeadas following trends or what dictated the market at that time. We simply make boards that work.

More than 2,500 tables of windsurfing, Sup, Kiteboarding and surfing guarantee our good brand and our efforts to improve and provide the best service to our loyal customers. 2016 marks an exciting point since we got the boards made with CNC, for to be able to faithfully reproduce our best works of art and to increase production and to expand throughout Europe since we strongly believe in our project hand-made in Europe.

Enough of finance companies with products Made in China, all what they are seeking for is a huge production and quick profit they don't care about the final result or good quality materials.

Whe always try to find our materials in Europe to support the market. SBT stands for Sport Boards Technologies, where we want to group everything concerning to our idea of brand and different types of boards for water sports which we manufacture, as well as our latest and exciting new project 100% hand made carbon booms. We look forward to your visit! 


Signed: The SBT team.