New Sports Center Sailboards Tarifa!!!



 Tarifa is a beautiful Spanish town at the southern most tip of Europe where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean.  It looks across the straights of Gibraltar to the impressive Atlas Mountains of Morocco some 11 Km away. Tarifa is not only blessed with a coastline of beautiful white sandy beaches, but is located in the Nature Park of Los Alcorncales. The combination of both stunning environments is the perfect playground for adventure sports. 


Sailboards Tarifa, established 20 years ago, has developed a custom board workshop with a strong reputation, now in 2014 the Sailboard Tarifa team starts a new project, the SAILBOARDS TARIFA SPORTS CENTER.


Our aim is to provide top class coaching and equipment rental to ensure you progress as quickly as possible and get the full enjoyment out of your sport. With our expert knowledge of the coastline we will ensure you are in the best location to get the most out of the conditions and ultimately have the most fun.   



¡¡¡¡¡ If you also looking for accommodation contact us, we have different packs that suit your preferences !!!!!


We have developed the following packages:


Windsurf lessons: Learn windsurfing in an easy and fun way.


Our experienced and passionate instructors will allow you to achieve your personal goals. We prefer to operate in small groups, max. 4 people, which mean you get unrivalled coaching, an almost one to one experience! This ensures you progress quickly.


In addition, our instructors use a ‘walkie talkie’ system so you are connected all the time with your instructor. This is a tried and tested method of teaching and we are confident it brings the best results.


Our qualified instructors can teach all levels, from beginners to the most advanced riders. If you want to improve your style, basic skills or learn radical manoeuvres, get a few lessons and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will achieve your goals.


Introducing Kids to the sport is really important to us and so we are especially focussed on making sure they have a fun learning experience. We regularly organise training camps for kids and adults too, typically for 2 days but a 6 day camp is also available. Quality time on the water with 4 hours of expert tuition almost guarantees you see real progression.


The main aim of the training camp is to have fun and to meet new friends and learn to windsurf together. We start at the basics from rigging a sail to positioning foot straps, though to intermediate skills like carve jibes and tacking. We also run more advanced clinic for those who want to learn more complex skills such as wave riding: frontside and backside, forward and back loops, and more radical moves like push loops, vulcans and spocks.



LESSONS 2h 3h 4h 2 days 6h 2 days 9h 3 days
Grup 3/4 prs 55 75 100 150 200
Semiprivates 80 110 160 220 270
Privates 110 150 + 45 €/h after  
RENTALS 1 D 3 D 5 D 7 D  
  65 175 240 290  



Kitesurfing Lessons:




Tarifa is one of the best and safest destinations for learning to Kitesurf as it has wide-open sandy beaches with plenty of room for all. Safety is our priority and so we only teach in small groups in conditions suitable for the ability of the student.




We offer a starter course where you are shown the basics or you can choose a complete course, which we highly recommend to ensure you progress as quickly and safely as possible. Again our experienced and passionate instructors can take you from re-launching your kite, waterstarting, beach starting through to advanced radical moves.


LESSONS  3h 1D   9h 3D 
 Grupal 3/4 Persons        70,00 €      210,00 €
 Semiprivate 2 Pers         90,00 €      270,00 €
 Private  1,5h   6h 
       120,00 €      300,00 €



Stand Up Paddle Surf:




SUP is one of the most popular and exciting new sports to evolve in recent years.  It’s unique in that it can be enjoyed by all, friends & family. It’s a great way to introduce wave riding  and will ensure you have great fun.




Tarifa is the perfect location for learning and improving your SUP skills as the coastline offers a variety of great spots to choose from. There are flatter calmer waters perfect for cruising and learning the basic skills. However if you are after more challenging conditions Tarifa can offer decent waves perfect for testing your skills and learning new.


LESSONS 2h 4h    
Grupal 45 85    
Semiprivate 50 90    
Private 75 130    
  45 90 130 170






If you've always wanted to learn to surf come and visit us. We have the perfect equipment and fantastic conditions to get you going quickly and having a great time. Our experienced instructors will ensure you learn the keys skills from the beginning to enable you to improve every time you step on a board.






Whichever discipline you choose the Sailboards Tarifa Sports Center will give you not only expert tuition but the latest ranges of equipment to learn with. A friendly and fun approach makes learning easy! Come and give it a try.


LESSONS 2h 4h    
Grupal 45 85    
Semi 50 90    
Private 75 130    
  30 80 125 150













No matter whether you’ve come for a short break to beautiful Tarifa or are just fed up of travelling with your kit why not try our complete rental service.




No matter what level you are we have all the sizes and ranges of boards to cater for the enthusiastic beginners, improving freeriders, to wave and freestyle rippers!




Take advantage of cutting edge designs from our custom board ranges and select the latest rig packages from leading brands such as Ezzy Sails, Avanti Sails, Aeron Booms and Flying Objects Harnesses.




We’ll even supply you with a boardbag, roof rack & Straps and the very best local knowledge to ensure you maximise your time on the water. All we ask is you bring your own wetsuit and venicle.




The Classic package consists of one board, two sails, boom and a mast. You can always change it and if there is no wind you are welcome to take a SUP or surfboard for free.




If Paddle boarding or Surfing is more your thing, then we have a full range of custom SUPs with carbon paddles and surfboards to cater from beginners to expert levels.  We can cater for groups and it is a great way to experience our wonderful coastline and enjoy the company of your friends and family. We can also offer a special price on longer rental periods.




From all the team at Sailboards Tarifa Sports Centre we look forward to seeing you in the near future!