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Ezzy Taka2 2016 Ezzy Sails

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Windsurf sail Ezzy Taka2 2016.

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Last year, we released the Taka: a 3-batten wave sail that combined maneuverability with stability. We loved that the Taka's profile adjusted itself during sailing. Power when you want it, and none when you don't--like in the middle of a gybe or cut-back. But we wanted to make an even more stable sail, especially in high wind. To do so, we re-shaped the foil and added an extra stabilizer batten above the boom.

This makes the Taka2 better in three areas:

  1. Improved high-end control and stability thanks to the extended stabilizer batten.
  2. More power in super-light wind because the Taka2 holds a more rigid foil, which is especially noticeable when pumping for waves.
  3. The Taka2 rigs on any mast while still using our proprietary calibration system.

"I want a sail that is full and powerful in a straight line but also flat and neutral during tricks, waverides, and transitions. The TAKA2 gives me the maneuverability I need without losing stability. I love the TAKA2." - Ezzy Team Rider - Graham Ezzy
Ezzy Taka2 Wave SailLuffBoomBoomNo. of Ezzy MastWeight
Size (sq.m.)MedMinMaxBattensBase/TopExtensionKg
3.43551321403340 / 34015 cm2.679 kg
3.83711361443340 / 37016 cm2.794 kg
4.13801431513370 / 37010 cm2.913 kg
4.53911521603370 / 4006 cm3.030 kg
4.73971571653370 / 40012 cm3.102 kg
5.04041601683370 / 40019 cm3.190 kg
5.34181661743400 / 40018 cm3.294 kg

Note on Ezzy Masts

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
= Best Combination
= Good Combination


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