Arnés Brunotti Defence 2017 Brunotti


Arnés Brunotti modelo Defence. 2017.


/   360 Smartframe
/   Pre Curved Lumbar Fit
/   Comfortable Spreaderbar
/   Designed 3D Dual
/   Density Foam
/   Spreader Stabilizer
/   D-Rings to Attach your HP Leash

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From top to bottom we looked at the shape of the lower back and developed an outline that will fit perfectly around your waist. No big spaces in between your body and the belt anymore. You will feel your gear more directly so you can optimize your tricks.


Our Multiuse harnesses makes it possible to use one harness for both windsurfing and kiteboarding. The HP-system or loop is detachable. So if you don't need it please remove it. We love all watersport! As long as you have fun.


With the fixtips you can merge the spreader cover into one piece with your belt. Comfortable and easy to attach you will be on the water within a second.

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