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Tabla de SUP RACE Fool Moon. Modelo Moonbow 14.0 x 26. 

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Our Moonbow line is designed for downwinders, open ocean racing and beach races. They are perfect when the conditions get rough and that you need a board for different kind of water surface, that you require a board with a unique balance of speed, acceleration when charging on but also enough stability. Our Moonbows are exceptionally fast for catching any kind of small bump or swell when charging down wind.  These boards are characterised by a relatively wide outline from the nose right through the tail, and a large flat section on the hull of the board. The Moonbows are also great boards for flat water, extremely fast with little water resistance. Thanks to our "prone" style front handles the boards are also perfect for "beach starts" and tricky "white water" challenges.

ShaperRodriguez-Jorge + Hocke
ProgramRace + Open ocean + Down wind
Size inch14.0 x 26
Size cm428 x 66
Volume319 L
Weight12.5 kg
Technologybrushed carbon | 1 fin setup | custom EVA pad | 2 x G-vent | 2 x leash plug | 3 x neoprene handle
Fin sizeDepth 9.0'' - 228 mm | Base 5.7''- 145mm
Fin techFiberglass - honeycomb

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