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Nueva Ezzy Taka 4. Modelo 2018

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The Taka 4 is our latest and purest wave sail, which means it is designed for lightness and maneuverability. The Taka 4 goes effortlessly neutral due to the luffing of the 3/4 batten above the boom. A new construction design on the sail's leading edge makes the Taka 4 accelerate faster and feel more responsive than previous Taka models.

The Taka 4's massive low-end wind range makes it ideal for wave riders who like the maneuverability of a smaller sail. And like all Ezzy Sails, rigging gauges allow anyone to get the perfect downhaul and outhaul in seconds.

We love wave riding, and the Taka 4 is the expression of that passion for wind, waves, and a salty smile.

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