Vela de windsurf Ezzy Taka 5 2019 Ezzy Sails


Nueva Ezzy Taka 5. Modelo 2019. Medida 5.0. Color azul.

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We are happy to release the latest generation of the Taka.

As you already know, David moved to Maui in the early 80's and was part of the first generation of Hookipa windsurfers, who themselves paved the way for wave sailing to evolve as part of our sport. I grew up surrounded by this history, and I dedicated myself to wave sailing. The Taka--our 100%, no-compromise wave sail--comes from this heritage.

Of all our sails, the Taka is the one that is the easiest to go vertical into the lip. The Taka is the easiest for landing backloops. And the Taka is also my sail of choice for doing double forwards and wave 360's. The magic of the Taka is the 3 and 3/4 batten shape that goes neutral when the sail luffs. This means that the sail goes completely flat when sheeted out in a cutback or when it passes through the eye of the wind in a backloop.

The Taka is the sail that I ride at Hookipa and at Jaws, so it needs to be strong. I trust the Taka when mast-high waves are breaking on my head.

The Taka can also be ridden extremely full--at the MIN. 2 downhaul setting--for light-wind sessions. This means that the sail has the power to get you out and onto the waves, but because the sail goes neutral so easily, it still is very maneuverable for wave riding.

The Taka is for hardcore wave riders who don't want to compromise.

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